Secret Music

by Maw Paw

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Llettingo Magical. Mr. Elder's offerings rise above ages of talent and library. Just when I thought wonder was waning. 24/7 USA is a league of it's own and it's personality rings true here. Thank you for making this!
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released April 16, 2017

Justin Endler - Voice, Guitar
Nathan Douds - Drums
Kurt Kotheimer - Bass
Dan Bruce - Lead Guitar
Jason Kush - Tenor Saxophone
Rebecca Weiss - Voice
Stephanie Ballard - Voice

Produced by Al Torrence and Justin Endler
Written and arranged by Justin Endler
Recorded at Treelady Studios, Pittsburgh, PA
Engineered and mixed by Al Torrence
Drums recorded in St. Paul, MN by Derek Schwappach
Bass recorded in Brooklyn, NY by Kurt Kotheimer
Mastered at The Church Recording Studio by Garrett Haines
Design and layout by Ian White
Photography by Ansel Adams and Adam Lahm
© 2017 Maw Paw


all rights reserved



Maw Paw Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: New
The weekend keeps a light
On while you’re at work
Then it’s here then it’s not

If i just had more time
For picking up the slack
At the end of the week
At the end of the year

Half of the goals are checked off
And the morning chores are done
There is time for a soap
Track Name: Josh
Point back for yard
just to piss him off
he will try just the same as you

he will try to park it
but you hardly ever miss it
let us watch him as he whiffs it

some roller blades
buzz as they go
it appears that this trait slows them down

though I beg to differ
you are faster you are much quicker
on the buzzy ones on the ABEC ones
Track Name: Niels Bohr
I put my half of a peanut into my half of an eggshell,
having it serve as the interference in that radio telescope,
just in case any of you happened to be listening,
needing machines filtering out all of the noise,

I’ve taken pictures that better represent my memories than my own
memory drive inside of my neural network of ones and zeros.

being colorful and being ever changing
Being replaced like taste buds on my tongue

I perceive no discernible difference in the thoughts i make with them.

Once inside, thoughts will bounce around forever, perpetual motion machine,
ideas, super balls
in a hamster globe or electrons in an atom, governed by the information
of you, Niels Bohr.
Track Name: You're Hiding
You’re hiding
Where did you go?
I looked everywhere
Where did you go?

Without you
I can’t lock the doors
Can’t keep the town outside
And my life indoors

Now Rebecca’s out the door
And I’m still running up the stairs
Come on, while we are still young
I’ll guess I’ll grab another pair

You’re hiding
Where did you go?
I looked everywhere
Where did you go?

Without you
Things are bright
I can see everything
Things are much too bright
Track Name: Oxygen
Over his head
edge of the yard
like it wasn't too far with boots a little purse

he was second in line, welcome to stay
is he not dead but who’s here with a car
ready to sit with him?

all of us at tomorrow's parade
we'll be parasol people pickpocketing kids
passing the summer

up in the float behind the pickup
hand in a bag full of goodies and stuff

everyday when I wake up
hearing a bus or a fan belt or a radio
another coffee

feels good breathing your oxygen that way
when celibacy is understood
and when it all turns out to be more than you can chew
we see the pain don't subside right away
nor does it disappear

in the night
under your sheets
back in all the places where you used to creep
we were wall-to-wall people plugging wall to ears
pop will still tell the story when you get him a beer
Track Name: Be Smart
Be smart
Don’t climb the dying tree
When you go up there look around

Tell me what’s happening
Up in your crowd among the clouds

You can take things you like
Just do them a lot and live that way

All for a piece of mind and pieces of land
From up here I can almost see my house

Even if
All of the suffering and messing around

Can be turned on and off
Like baseball
On tv

The volume down
Track Name: Makeup Bins
Probably moved it to the other end
where makeup bins and radios
listen careful to an overhead
soliloquy on sticker hues

when I thought I saw it yesterday
patiently on display

being Brown smelling like cigarettes
I bet just yet get can get it we
in the corner it has set for days
patiently on display

when the stain won't scrub out at first we will still use the cushions upside down
and we'll sit on it pounding beers watching all our shows on TV
Track Name: Spruce
shut your mouth you hypocrite
Didn’t we all learn before
just not from you?
Didn’t we all try before
Just not with you?

do you see anybody else in here
running their mouths off like we do?
so make it count what is sung on the wire

strum at the thing like you mean it
and drive around from town to town
Track Name: Idiot
You see the idiot writing his ideas
and you know he is thinking for all of us
you hear the idiot aiming to answer
ruining all of the rumors in your strange milieu

when you are allowing the animal acreage to wander
and you are allowing the animal coverage under which he can hide
you are offering the animal shade cuz it is hot out
enjoying groupthink and brand tattoos

when there is no difference between this and that article coming in the mail from your uncle

the idiot is courageous and bold
getting on with others and with business friends
always has a wealth of ideas
and a few dozen more from ole Fox News

We’ll use your way
We’ll use your car
Where are your keys? Watch where you’re going
Track Name: Soul Song
We walked along our shady neighborhood train tracks, train whistle up a mile ahead
Up around the bend
We can hear

Our legs our feet, our steady beat, our restless single thought
Glad to meet you
As they rolled on through

This place could look like any place, like any place we’ve been
Just like any place again
Any other town by the sea

Now a greener city, locks, barges, damns, piles of anthracite
Meters over garden stones
Dredged from Lawrenceville to the sea

Wave goodbye middle finger guy
We’re all out of drugs and you’re safe inside
So let em, let em, let em
Wave goodbye

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